Join the S.I.T.

What is the S.I.T.?

Hello, this is Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift here!

S.I.T. stands for Special Investigations Unit.

Castle Key is so full of mysteries we can’t solve them all by ourselves. Which is why we need your help! So we've set up the S.I.T. for all you keen new secret agents out there.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about our adventures and think you have what it takes to join  the team, this is the place for you.

To qualify you have to pass Emily's test of memory and observation and use the answers to crack the code to find the password.

Only then will you be able to access the secret S.I.T. page. It's full of games and puzzles to test your investigation skills. You can also download a certificate to confirm your membership of the S.I.T.  and other great downloads and giveaways.

So what are you waiting for?

Step One: answer Emily's questions.

Pick the right answer from the four choices and make a note of the number in brackets next to it. You will end up with six numbers. Write down your six numbers in the order of the questions. Now all you need to do is decode the numbers into letters to find the password. It's just one six-letter word.

(Scott's clue: You should be able to find the answers in any of the Adventure Island books)

(Jack's clue. Emily won't let me tell you the key to the code but here's a clue; as long as you know your ABC's it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.)

What is Scott and Jack's surname?

Carter (3)
Hunter (4)
Baker (5)
Taylor (6)

What is the name of Emily's home?

(4) The Schoolhouse
(3) The Stables
(2) The Doghouse
(1) The Lighthouse

If you go from Stone Cottage to Roshendra Farm, in which direction do you travel?

(17) East
(18) Round in Circles
(19) North
(20) South

What is the name of the old mansion on the West coast of Castle Key?

(19) Pencarrick Manor
(20) Pendragon Manor
(21) Penrose Manor
(22) Tregower Manor

What is Drift's main way of communicating with Emily?

(12) with his ears
(13) by barking
(14) with his tail
(15) by text message

What is the name of the cafe on the sea front in Castle Key?

(2) Dolly's
(3) Betty's
(4) Lottie's
(5) Dotty's

You should now have six numbers.

Step Two: Now you have to work out how to turn those six numbers into a six letter password.If you have answered the questions correctly it shouldn't be too hard.

Once you think you have worked out the password, click here to go to the hidden Special Investigations Team Area. 

Once you are there type in the password to enter  (use lower case letters, no capitals.)

Good luck!