Welcome to the website of the Adventure Island series by Helen Moss. 

If you enjoy following Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift as they solve ever more baffling mysteries on the island of Castle Key this is the place to be! Have a look around and join in the fun.

Click on the links below to find out about the books, the author and illustrator, the stories and settings. You can read blog posts from the four intrepid super-sleuths, explore the island and keep up to date with the latest Adventure Island events and competitions. You can even join the Special Investigation Team (S.I.T.) to find hidden pages of games and puzzles.

We love to hear from you too, so why not send in a question for the author, a picture for the art exhibition in Dotty's Tea Rooms, a picture of your pet for Drift's Canine Division of the S.I.T. or a recipe for Aunt Kate's collection. Or just tell us about any mysteries you've solved lately or share your favourite pizza topping brainwaves with Jack   

NEWS: You can read an interview with Helen Moss on the great new blog The Book Review Society - it's all about kids' books, written by kids themselves. I was delighted that they gave the Adventure Island series a full five out of five bananas, and to answer some great questions! Look out for all their other reviews too - some great ideas for other books to explore.

NEWS, NEWS, NEWS: If you are a fan of Drift, and of dogs in general, you might like to try my new series, Time Dogs, beautifully illustrated by Misa Saburi.

An exciting new illustrated chapter book series for dog-loving readers!
When a pack of senior dogs find themselves transported back in time—and turned into puppies!—they must make their way back home, helping real-life historical dogs along the way.

A great big thank you to ten-year old Joseph from Lincolnshire who sent me these AMAZING pictures of the Lego models he's made of scenes from The Mystery of the Black Salamander.

Brilliant, work Joseph! You've used the Lego figures so cleverly to really capture the different characters.

And thank you to eleven-year old Liam, who sent me a video of his BRILLIANT Lego model of Castle Key all the way from Australia. Click here for a guided tour of the whole model. Fantastic work, Liam!

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