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Latest news  

What do you think of this fabulous picture of Drift's stunt double, Scruffy, by brilliant artist Kate Pankhurst. Kate is the author of the hilarious Mariella Mystery series and drew this little picture while we were at the Midsummer Mystery event in Lytham St Annes. Scruffy always comes along to my talks to play the part of Drift.


Thank you very much to Sofia for writing to Helen Moss during Book Week. A reply will be on its way soon.  Sofia had lots of questions about The Mystery of the Cursed Ruby. Here is the answere to just one of them.

Q: Why did you pick the circus

A: I wanted to write a mystery that involved the circus because it was a great way to bring a whole group of different characters to Castle Key.  I thought that a circus family would have all kinds of traditions and stories of their own, that would make an interesting mystery, but I also wanted to show them as ordinary people, working hard to do their jobs as best as they could. 

Do you love Mrs Loveday?

Jack has a question for you. What is your favourite Mrs Loveday silly saying? Is it:

A "Windmill of Opportunity"
B "the Criminal Underwear"
C "a Pigment of your Imagination"
D something else (tell us which one)

Send in an email to let us know. And if you could do a picture of what a Windmill of Opportunity might look like (or Criminal Underwear for that matter!) we'd love to see it!

You might have guessed that it's not the real Mrs Loveday peering nosily in through the window in this picture. Who do you think is dressed up as Mrs L?